Welcome to the history of tweenerdog! A year out of high school i was doing quite of bit of cartooning. My plan was to come up with an iconic cartoon character. One that could be placed in all sorts of situations. I finally decided on a friendly little dog who can do just about anything. For the design (don’t ask me why), I decided to try and make a dog out of an exclamation point. the nose would be the dot and the tail would be the line. Once I came up with design, finding a name was next  on my list. I immediately came up with tweener. It seemed like a perfect fit. After all, tweener’s body came between the dot and the line in the exclamation point design!


With tweener’s design in place, it was time to start coming up with ideas. I decided to create simple one panel designs. My plan was to keep tweener the same in every drawing. Everything around tweener would change, but tweener would always remain stoic. I had quickly come up with around 100 drawings. At this point in my life I was just starting college and tweener took a back seat. before i knew it, college was over and tweener was all but forgotten.


Then, in 2014, I ran into my original drawing for tweener (the one shown above). And that sparked my interest again. Unfortunately, all my original drawings had disappeared. The first thing i did was try and remember as many of the original drawings as I could and then sketch them out.


Now that I was back into creating tweener drawings, I decided that tweener needed a graphical update. I wanted to keep tweener as close to the original design as possible. But I wanted to change tweener’s tail. I didn’t think the detached tail would work well with the new drawings. I also changed tweener’s body a bit. I made it more oval. I felt that made for a cuter, more comical appearance. The new tail design was actually quick to come about. My current (real) dog, Perry, had the perfect tail for tweener. I quickly adapted Perry’s tail onto the new tweener design. It was perfect! Now, it was a matter of working on the linework for tweener. The original tweener had a simple thin line drawing. For the new tweener design, I wanted a thick/thin line work look. This was the most time consuming part of the new design. It tooks months of painstakingly adjusting each section of tweener. Adjusting and re-adjusting.


The last piece of the new design puzzle was tweener’s name. While I liked the name tweener, I thought it was too generic to work on the internet. It would be very difficult for a search to come up with my tweener instead of the actual word tweener. That is when i came up with the new name of tweenerdog. It was unique, a good descriptor and best of all, it sounds like wiener dog. :)

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